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Personal Identification Information

It is our policy to not intentionally disclose any personal identification information pertaining to you or any third party without your express consent or prior permission. Any personal identification information you willingly provide us will only be used as originally intended in the manner of conducting business as it relates to standard communications. We never rent or sell our lists nor do we disclose any information, including personal identification information, contained within our lists. All email communications from us offer an opt-out feature should you desire to be removed from our communications list.


While it is nearly impossible to guarantee complete Internet security, we do act reasonably to hold secure and protect your personal identification information. Should transmission errors occur or unauthorized acts of third parties take place, we assume no liability for information breaches and unintended disclosures. We highly recommend closing your browser at the end of your visit to our site and/or once a transaction has been completed.


Your use of this website shall constitute an acceptance of this privacy policy. This includes transmittal of personal identification information as outlined within this privacy policy.

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